4 Things To Do If Arrested

Almost nothing is more terrifying, unnerving, and embarrassing than being arrested.  Here is a list of 4 things what you should do if you have been arrested, and want to best protect your innocence and rights:.

1. Stay Calm.
Be polite and courteous with the arresting officers. Refrain from giving the police any reason to be more aggressive with you. Remain calm and do not resist arrest. Make no sudden movement or try to get away. Above all, do not verbally or physically threaten the officers. Resisting arrest and threatening an officer are serious crimes that are severely punished

2. Be Silent.
Exercise your right to remain silent. You cannot be punished for refusing to give information to the police. On the other hand, anything that you say can be used against you by the prosecutors. So, speak only when spoken to and do not volunteer any information or offer any excuses or explanations after you’ve been arrested.

3. Do Not Consent to a Search.
You may be asked to consent to a search of your person, vehicle or home. If so, you have the right to refuse. Do not assist with the search or explain where things are. On the other hand, do not interfere, attempt to conceal anything, lie to the officer or present them with any false documents. Interfering with the officer’s ability to perform his duties is a separate and serious crime itself.

4. Ask for and Contact A Lawyer.
You have the right to a local phone call and to have an attorney when you’ve been arrested.   Clearly state your desire to exercise these rights immediately. Use your phone call to call an attorney or to call someone who can get in touch with an attorney for you. If you do not have an attorney, ask the police to provide you with one right away.

The Constitution of the United States of America guarantees you certain basic rights in the event that you are arrested or detained by the police. The most important things to do are to remain calm, so as not to escalate the situation; refrain from volunteering any information, explanations or excuses; demand your right to a local phone call and call an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately.

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