50 Cent’s Guidlines for Inner-City Black Male Youth Empowerment

Monday I watched 50 Cent on Piers Morgan discuss a range of topics
.  I was so impressed with his intellect and
honesty, especially in discussing his upbringing and how it had convinced him
that the only real occupations available was thug, criminal, entertainer, or
athlete or some combination of all of them.
He states he believed this because this is what he saw in front his everyday.
This was a powerful statement because this is the overwhelming view of most
inner-city Black males (if not all young Black males), including myself (I had
decided on the thug/athlete life path)

50 Cent was very clear that he had this
understanding of his capabilities based off what he saw and experienced on a
daily basis.  In other words the
practically of his life while growing creating the expectations within his mind
that to strive for anything besides the before mentioned Blackman occupation
pillars was not a waste of time, but worse it NEVER was even a thought!  This underscores the fact that we must not
discount the fact that our kids of pragmatic, rational, and basis their
decisions and actions on their expectations, expectations which our based off
their experiences or worse lack of experiences.

What does this
mean in our quest to improve our community, and reverse the numerous negative
and deadly trends that our literally consuming of young men and our community
on a daily basis.  It means that we must
always do what we can, when we can, and how we can to raise the expectations
for our kids.  How do we do this?  One way is to provide our youth with consistent,
relevant, and practical experiences that counter-act the negativity going on
around every day (at home, in their neighborhood, on the radio, and on TV) that
proves that education, life skills, and following a certain “road map to
success” (i.e. study, avoid criminal activity, not engage unprotected sex, etc)
can and will led to a peaceful, prosperous, and healthy life for them and their
family. For some this means spending more time with your own kids.  For others its volunteering at your local
school as a classroom mentor relaying your own success story, lobbying your
local school board to provide funding for life skills and college preparatory programs
at the local community college, or becoming a “big brother” to a kid without a positive
male figure in his life.

Regardless of what it is today, find some way and
somehow to inform, inspire, and empower a young Black male to find and maximize
his opportunities