African-Americans Should Be Paid Reparations!

Obviously everyone is entitled to their own opinion, however,  a simple analysis of the indisputable  facts should allow any reasonable person to come to the only logical answer—YES African-Americans deserve reparations:

1) The most egregious violation of human and civil rights occurred for a prolonged period (350+ years) of time;

2) The federal, state, and local government and many of the private  corporations and organizations the perpetrated, condoned, and/or benefited from the prolonged violations are both known and still in existence;

3) The victims and their descendants of the violation are known and suffered atrocious physical, emotional, mental, financial, linguistic, family, cultural, and spiritual injuries;

4) The injuries to the victims and their descendants are well-documented;

5) The victims of the violation are still suffering from the violations; and

6) The perpetrators and beneficiaries have NEVER compensated the victims (or even apologized) for the violations.

So, it’s clear that the real question is not “Are reparations due to African-Americans?” but “Why haven’t reparations already been paid to African-Americans.”  Honestly answering the former question and the answer to the later not only becomes crystal clear, it exposes the utter worthlessness of  even asking it in the first place!

****Damario Solomon-Simmons, Esq., M.Ed., is Of Counsel at Riggs Abney law firm and an adjunct professor of African & African-American Studies at the University of Oklahoma. During law school he served as the National Reparations Director for the National Black Law Student Association. He can be contacted @solospeakstruth or