Always Do the Right Thing and Do it Correctly

A couple of years ago,  I attended the memorial services of Mrs. Jean McGill of Tulsa. I did not know or know of Mrs. McGill, but attended the services with a mentor of mine who were good friends with Mrs. McGill. As you could imagine, I was somewhat uneasy attending the services of a total stranger.  

However, while obviously very saddened to see a family mourn the loss of their mother, wife, grandma, sister, etc. I am glad I went the service.
 I learned a lot about this amazing woman. Mrs. McGill battled and defeated breast cancer as a young woman, helped build a successful business with her 1st husband, worked over 30 years towards a cure for cancer as an officer of the American Cancer Society, and loved her family with great passion, deeds, and words.

More than anything else, what impacted me the most and prompted me to write this brief note is this saying of Mrs. McGill’s that her daughter relayed to the audience as her mother’s favorite: “Always Do the Right Thing, and Do It Correctly.” I can’t think of better philosophy to live by every day.

RIP Mrs. McGill and I wish I would have had the pleasure of knowing you, but thankful that your words and impact will continue to live and inspire people like me to “always to do the right thing, and do it correctly!”

Damario Solomon-Simmons, Esq., M.Ed., is a former University of Oklahoma football player, athletic department employee, and full-time Lecturer.  Currently he is the managing partner of SolomonSimmonSharrock law firm and Legislative Liaison for Oklahoma Policy Institute.