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Attorney Solomon-Simmons Discusses Terence Crutcher Shooting and Impact of Police Shootings of Unarmed Black Men

Tulsa attorney Damario Solomon-Simmons appears with Nationally known Civil Rights attorney Benjamin L. Crump to discuss Tulsa’s response to Terence Crutcher killing and the impact of police shootings of Black men nationwide. The conversation was powerful, engaging, and transparent, and including Attorney Solomon-Simmons explaining how the shooting have personally impacted him as follows:

“Right now we could be dressed in our suits and have our law licenses and I can tell you that when the police pulls us over, we’re fearful for our lives,” he said. “Because we’ve been disrespected, talked down to, humiliated. We just want to get home to our families, and so we have to get into a subservient, docile demeanor, even though we know what our rights are.”

The impact of incidents like the one showing police pointing weapons at Crutcher, who had his hands in the air for a portion of the recordings, is strong and lasting, said the attorneys.

“The psychological trauma that these killings and seeing these videos, what it does to black people and people of color,” said Solomon-Simmons, “I don’t think people understand the difficulty to go to work the next day, to interact with your colleagues the next day, to try to stay focused on your job and keep a positive attitude, when you’ve seen another person that looked like you, talks like you, comes from where you come from being killed.”