Attorneys Must Aggressively Fight Mass Incarceration

The United States has the most prisoners in the World! In fact, more than 1.57 million inmates sat behind bars in federal, state, and county prisons and jails around the country as of December 31, 2013, and experts estimate more than 12 million people being arrested across the country each year.

So, it is clear that while the criminal justice system is supposed to ensure the orderly adjudication of violations of the public order, protect the public peace, and seek to rehabilitate anti-social behavior. Too many times (especially for Black males who are six times more likely than white men to be in prison) the U.S. criminal justice system is actually functioning as an unjust punitive and profit oriented machine that instead of protecting “the People” it is destroying people, families, and communities.

That is why my firm believes it is the sacred job of criminal defense attorneys to aggressively protect and defend individuals accused of crimes. We believe a good criminal defense attorney must not be afraid to challenge the legality of stops, arrests, and charges, always seek to keep their clients records clean, and be willing to go to trial to secure full acquittals.

So, if you find yourself charged or accused of a crime be it a minor misdemeanor, costly drug offense, or a serious felony immediately:

1. Invoke your right to be silent
2. Clearly request an attorney
3. Call my office 918-582-4224

Attorney Damario Solomon-Simmons is the founder and managing partner of the firm SolomonSimmonsSharrock. Attorney Solomon-Simmons  believes that everyone is innocent until proven guilty and has been protecting the legal rights of the injured, accused, and abused since 2004!