Attorneys Solomon-Simmons and Benjamin Crump Request Federal Investigation Against Tulsa Transit

SOURCE: KJRH News Channel 2 TULSA – In a press conference Monday, lawyers for six former Tulsa Transit bus drivers announced they’re requesting a federal investigation into the recent firing of their clients.

Court documents show the drivers were terminated from their positions on November 25, 2014 .
Representing the drivers, Tulsa-based lawyer Damario Solomon-Simmons said the Metropolitan Tulsa Transit Authority claimed the plaintiffs illegally printed too many courtesy, or free, bus passes.

Lawyer Benjamin Crump, president of the National Bar Association, joined Solomon-Simmons at Monday’s press conference. Crump made the announcement that he is requesting Northern District of Oklahoma U.S. attorney Danny Williams open a criminal investigation into the firings. He claimed there was no cause for the firings.

Solomon-Simmons said he wants his clients to be reinstated as Tulsa Transit drivers and awarded back pay to the date of their firings. He also claims his clients’ final paychecks were illegally withheld for a period of almost six months.

2 Works For You informed a Tulsa Transit executive of this morning’s press conference and the call for a federal investigation. Tulsa Transit is checking with its legal representation to see what information it can share at this time given the legal status of a lawsuit filed by the former drivers November 6 against MTTA and three MTTA executives.

The lawsuit filed in early November also claims the firings were a form of racial discrimination . All six of the fired drivers are black and the lawsuit states, “similarly situated white bus operators were not subjected to such treatment.”

This story will be updated when MTTA provides a statement or information on the firings and today’s request from the driver’s legal staff.

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