Beyond the Dream: Truly Knowing The King

All over America MLK Day will be celebrated by millions.  Unfortunately mostly everyone and everything that discussed Dr. King this weekend will over or in most cases only emphasize a few passages of his 1963 “I have a dream” speech.  Specifically you will be inundated with Dr. King’s “dream” about “little Black boys and little white girls holding hands” while leaving out the lion’s share of his work.    What’s more, you will be hard pressed to find everyone not claiming to sincerely believe and practice the principles that Dr. King so rigorously lived, fought, and DIED to obtain.

However, as we celebrate MLK day, I sincerely hope that we celebrate and remember the TRUE Dr. King.   I pray we remember that Dr. King lived, fought, and died for true freedom, justice, and equality for those with the most need here in America—Black and poor people.   I pray we remember that Dr. King spoke “Truth-to-Power.” I pray that we remember that Dr. King was considered a troublemaker by most of society, including most middle-class, bourgeoisie “Negros” for his uncompromising stance and actions towards justice for all.

So, be careful not to get caught up in the hype and PARADE FLOAT. You must get to know the real, comprehensive Dr. King.  Get to know what the real goals of Dr. King were.  Then you can adequately and effectively analyze who was Dr. King, and if he was alive today who would he actually march with and who Dr. King would march on!

In closing, I have re-printed an excerpt from a speech I gave two years ago at a MLK celebration in Washington D.C.  The speech is entitled “I Too Have A Dream”

I too have a dream that the media and others realize that Dr. King was not just some dreamer who gave one speech in his 1963, but a warrior who worked tirelessly, was beaten senselessly, financially gave unselfishly,  went to jail repeatedly, and died courageously  for the total liberation and salvation of the Black nation…

  • I too have a dream, that Dr. King’s image is no longer hijacked by the same conservative and corporate leaders who hated and resisted him at all turns to promote their wicked and greedy agendas.
  • I too have a dream, that Dr. King’s image is no longer hijacked by Black reactionary & weak leaders and organizations to promote their weak, ineffective & bourgeois agenda…
  • I too have a dream, that inner-city schools will receive adequate facilities, equipment, teachers, and a curriculum that ensure our children can have a chance for success…
  • I too have a dream, that the principles of Kwanzaa are practiced every day of the year…
  • I too have a dream, that Black folks can pick our own leaders, that these leaders be strong leaders, and that these strong leaders will not be destroyed…
  • I too have a dream, that one day people everywhere will be free from oppression, discrimination, mis-education, hunger, poverty, and misery, lack of adequate health care, lack of adequate food, water, and shelter.
  • I too have a dream, that African people… while living of the richest continent will somehow and some day, destroy the vestiges and remnant of slavery and colonization which stifles any real development and growth on the continent.
  • I too have a dream, that there  be  1 million Black men in  college not in prison
  • I too have a dream, that the Black community does not continue to suffer the tremendous casualties during the so-called war on Drugs….
  • I too have a dream, that one day Black people will consider each month Black History month…
  • I too have a dream, that one day this city, this state, and this nation will no longer runaway from its obligation to our <span>1921 Greenwood Holocaust</span> victims(which includes the entire community) and deliver adequate and comprehensive compensation.
  • I too have a dream, that one day Spiritual people will overthrow and get rid of religious people thus paving the way for true brotherhood and love among the many different peoples of this world…
  • I too have dream, that the Black nation will understand that the true keys to empowerment and self-determination for the masses of our people are a viable Afrikan centered education systems for our children, a deep knowledge, love, and respect for self, and a strong economic foundation based on measurable production and relevant skills.
  • I too have dream, that Black people will not need federal approval to celebrate our own holidays, heroes/sheroes, and accomplishments.
  • I too have a dream that our kids master their A,B,C’s and 1, 2, 3’s  before they master 50 cent.
  • I have a dream, that Christians truly follow Jesus, Muslims truly submit to the will of Allah, and Jews live by the words of Jehovah
  • And lastly…I have a dream that we shall overcome…not someday, but today!

*** The first part of this note was written in January 2005.  However, the excepted speech was actually written and delivered on MLK day 2003 in Washingtion, D.C. while I was externing at the U.S. State Department Office of the Legal Advisor for Private International Law.  You you can listen to excerpts of the speech at***