But Everybody Else Is Doing It

I recently came across this add from the 60s, and was blown away that at anytime U.S. Doctors would openly endorse the consumption of cancer causing cigarettes.  More importantly, this ad reminded me of something my grandma would tell me when I wanted to do something she knew was not in my best interest.

Yet, I tried to prove the rightness of my choice with what every teenager believes is the  coup de grace to an adult’s no vote:  “But everybody else is doing it.”  To which  my wise grandma would say “fool so does that mean if everybody else was jumping off a bridge, does it mean you should too!”

In other words, we must be very careful not get caught up in the hype of something is good or  in your best interest just because it is popular, something shiny, or something new even IF “everybody else is doing it!”

Damario Solomon-Simmons, Esq., M.Ed.,  is the managing partner of SolomonSimmonSharrock law firm and Legislative Liaison for Oklahoma Policy Institute. He can be contacted at dsolo@solomonsimmons.com or @solospeakstruth