The Reveling Character of Sports

In my 20 years of being involved in high level sports as a players, athletic department consultant, and sports attorney, I have learned that while it is true that sports builds people’s character. More importantly sports actually reveals people’s character.

Football Star Writes Book to Teach Young Athletes About Money and Fame

Source: Victor Ochieng/Financial Juneteenth Former NFL player Philip Buchanon had a career run that he now says was dotted with several mistakes. He says that if he got a second chance, he would change a few things. To ensure that his experience wasn’t in vain, he’s come out with renewed enthusiasm to help other players to avoid making similar mistakes. …

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WATCH: Is Pro Sports Lottery Destroying Black America?

In this interview with Dr. Boyce Watkins of Your Black World, Attorney Damario Solomon-Simmons explains how the overwhelming drive and desire of to many Black men to “make it big” from the “sports lottery”  is destroying  Black America.  Attorney Solomon-Simmons also discusses why ALL college athletes should be given labor rights, including the right to be compensated for their labor.

The Best Way to Be Like Kevin Durant: Come from Two Parent Household

While it seems like all NBA players  like  mega-superstar Kevin Duran  come from a poor, single-mom household. This is a  myth. In fact, contrary to popular belief impoverished, single-mom household are actually underrepresented in the NBA. Don’t believe me, in a study of NBA players conducted from 1994 to 2004 by Joshua Kjerulf Dubrow of the Polish Academy of Sciences …