Coach Forced to Hit the Rhode Due to Fabricated Honors

“Damario dont you ever forget that what you do in the dark will someday, someway come to the light” This was a lesson that my grandma would drill into my head time and time again.  Vernice ”Mama” Brown made it clear that I understood that God and the University had a way of catching up and balancing things out.  This is the lesson that we all should learn from Yale Universities coach Tom Williams situation. Coach Williams was forced to resign because it came to the “light” that he was not ever a finalist for the one of the most pretigious academic awards–The Rhodes Scholarship–in the world as he claimed on his resume.  It was also discovered  and he had to admit that he had not spent time with the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers as a free agent as he had previously stated in media interviews.

This is sad because by all reports Coach Williams was very accomplished person (played and graduated from Standford under the great Bill Walsh), a great leader, teacher, and role model for his team, and good coach that was turning around the Yale program.  Additionally, I doubt very seriously that either misrepresentation actually was a deciding factor for Yale hiring him as their football coach.  I sincerely hope he is able to rebound from this, continue his coaching career, and, most importantly, learn from this experience.  I know have.