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Creating More Black Lawyers Desperately Needed

The Pipeline Project (“Project”), directed by Damario Solomon-Simmons, informs, inspires, and empowers inner-city students to seek, find, and maximize education, career, and social opportunities available in the legal field.

The Project goes beyond simply discussing the lack of diversity in the legal profession. By example and inspiration, the Project helps close the “diversity gap” by educating and motivating minority high school students regarding the importance of higher education, the process of applying to and graduating from law school, the limitless professional possibilities available with a law degree, and the practice of law.

Today’s 21st century world economy requires individuals to compete with over 6 billion people for opportunities and resources. Obtaining a B.A. degree is not an advantage any longer, but rather a requirement for success. So, while one college degree will help make one “POWERFUL,” we believe that earning a J.D. as a second college degree will make students “High Powered” (“HP”) in their quest to succeed, despite the odds, obstacles, and competition they must face in the global marketplace. For more information about the Pipeline Project  click here.