Source: John Harris/ Boss Sports

NBA great David Robinson was known as “The Admiral” for his work in the military and impeccable character on and off the court – it looks like the apple does not fall too far from the tree.

Corey Robinson, the son of David Robinson, has become the first Notre Dame football player elected as student body president in the history of the school.

Robinson, who takes office on April, 1, 2016, was elected with 59% of the votes and ran on a platform highlighting improving resources for issues like sexual assault, community engagement, health and wellness and diversity.

Upon closer look, it is no surprise that the 6’4″, 215-pound wide receiver was able to earn the position as he has been juggling a variety of interests and making his presence on Notre Dame’s campus felt.

Yahoo Sports is reporting that last fall he took 18 credit hours, worked on his senior thesis of applying moral philosophy to environmental policy, was vice president of the student athletic council and helped start a nonprofit where student-athletes donate used game-worn or practice-worn athletic apparel to children at local schools.

Robinson says that he wants to inspire children.

”To really show them, I am a Notre Dame football player,” he said Friday. ”I believe that you can be where I am.”

Robinson has earned enough credits to receive degree in liberal studies in May and even contemplated ending his football career after only three season because of that.  However, he wants more.

”There were a lot of incredible opportunities I had to weigh,” he said.

Robinson has applied to be a Rhodes Scholar and to be aFulbright Scholar, but was unsuccessful at both.  Although he found the rejections humbling, he still plans to re-apply to become a Rhodes scholar.

”I want to go to Oxford. I want to go and study with the best and brightest minds,” he said. ”I’m not going to let one setback bring me down. That’s something athletics taught me, one game, one play, even one season doesn’t define you as a player. You can always come back stronger than ever.”

After his sophomore year, Robinson finished second on the Fighting Irish with 40 catches for 5 touchdowns and539 yards, numbers becoming of a possible draft pick.  But this past season Robinson saw his numbers drop to16 catches for 1 touchdown and 200 yards. He is not counting on a career in the NFL, but don’t count him out.

Robinson decided to return for his senior year after talking with his father and another former Notre Dame student body president, Alex Coccia, who was also a fencer.

”They both said, ‘You don’t understand how valuable this experience in college is to be able not only to play here, but you’re also able to increase your impact here,”’ he said.

Robinson is taking a lighter class load so that he can truly give his all to football and his position of student body president.

”Before I had many medium to large size commitments. It wasn’t like two or three, it was like six, seven, eight. So being able to narrow it down to two, I’m very thankful for,” he said.