Donald Sterling: ‘I will never ever sell’ the Clippers

Source: David Leon Moore/ USA Today Sports

LOS ANGELES — The third day of the probate trial of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling vs. his wife, Shelly, included the strange, the dramatic and near the end a scene that even Judge Michael Levanas, speaking from the bench, called “disturbing.”

After Shelly Sterling ended her testimony Wednesday — mostly over her concern for the mental condition of her 80-year-old husband — she walked close to a seated Donald, and he blurted out, “Stay away from me, you pig.”

A hush came over the packed courtroom, and Levanas admonished Sterling, “Please don’t make any comments about your wife. That’s somewhat disturbing.”

A few minutes later, Shelly left the courtroom in tears.

Lawyers for her and former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, to whom Shelly is seeking court authority to sell the club for $2 billion, pummeled Donald to the media.

“Today, he was rude to his own lawyer. He was rude to the court,” said Shelly’s lawyer Bert Fields. ” And then she walks off the stand, he says, ‘You pig.’ … If there’s one pig in the courtroom, it was Donald Sterling.”

On the stand, Donald railed against the NBA and Commissioner Adam Silver, who banned him for life and fined him $2.5 million after his private racist comments were released by gossip site

On the NBA, Donald said, “This is the worst corporation in America, and everyone will find out how terrible and dishonest they are. … I will never ever ever sell this team. Until I die I will be suing the NBA.”

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