Fighting for Greenwood Because Black Lives Have Always Mattered

This classic pic circa 2003 was taken during a press conference,  I helped organzine and participated  regarding the Greenwod Massacre as a 3rd year law student. One of the highlights of my life is the coubtless hours I spent with Dr. John Hope Franklin and Prof. Charles Ogletree fighting for reparations for the destruction of Greenwood (my community)due to the so-called Tulsa Race Riot.

Oftentimed we discussed how powerful and threatening Greenwood was to the White Tulsa community because the citizens practiced cooperative economics that emphasized collective economic strength and encouraged each other to meet common needs through mutual financial support.

Surely if Greenwood residents, one generation removed from chattel slavery, could build “Black Wall Street” than in the spirit of Ujamaa we can build a society where everyone truly has access to real economic development opportunities. #NeverForget