For the First Time in 15 Years a New District Attorney Elected in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Source: /Tulsa World

For the first time in 15 years Tulsa County (2nd largest in Oklahoma) will have a new District Attorney as a joyous Steve Kunzweiler linked arms with his wife and two youngest daughters Tuesday night, he announced proudly that he would be Tulsa County’s next district attorney.

Kunzweiler’s opponent, state Rep. Fred Jordan, called him to concede as Kunzweiler wrapped up a live media interview at 9 p.m.

Ballots in 90 percent of Tulsa County precincts, which had a combined turnout of about 19,000 voters, had been tallied and showed a 12 percentage point lead in favor of Kunzweiler. He received 56 percent of the vote to Jordan’s 44 percent.

The packed lounge of Tulsa’s downtown Aloft Hotel erupted with raucous applause.

Kunzweiler explained that he has two families — his wife and children and his “DA family.”

“Every day we fight battles for Tulsa County. Every day we get up — even though it’s going to be a tough job — we get up and we do the job for the people. I am so proud of my Tulsa County DA family,” Kunzweiler said.

He went on to thank, among others, current District Attorney Tim Harris, and an excited embrace between the two followed.

So, while there will be a new DA, since Kunzweiler vowed to continue Harris’ legacy it does not appear their will be much change in the day-to-day operations or police of the Tulsa DA’s office.

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