Former Miami Dolphins’ Chad Johnson loses marriage, livihood, and endorsements

Very saddened to hear about the shocking events that has  NFL Star, entrepreneur, and and master showman Chad Johnson career is in serious jeopardy  due to fallout after being arrested on compliant of domestic violence against bad girl reality tv star wife Evelyn Lozada. Obviously spousal abuse in any form coming from man or women are wrong, and it will be interesting to see how the legal process plays out.
However, the lesson to be learned at this point (especially for young athletes) is if you put yourself around bad people (even if they are family) bad things are likely to happen, and when the bad things happen.  See, regardless of what you might think about Chad Johnson’s off-the-field clowing antics, up until now Ocho Cinco had never had an sort of criminal or violent  history.  The same can’t be said for Ms. Lozada who is partally famous for her notorious short temper and propensity for violence on her reality show “Real NBA Houswives.”

More importantly, young athletes must learn and also remember that despite how beloved , famous, or wealthy they become.  Fair or not, when negative things happen, the  media (both traditional and social) will:

1) crucify you ad nauseam regardless if you actually did anything wrong,

2) will forment  public scorn and damnination; and

3)  economic repercussions will result because companies and sponsors must protect their brand and image.

Bottom line: Avoid negative people and situations at all cost.