Gap Band’s Charlie Wilson Outstanding at Essence 2012


Great time hanging with fellow BTW Hornet and  Tulsan  Charlie (Last Name) Wilson of Gap Band.  He was so happly to finally headline Essence after years of playing the undercard. He certainly didn’t disappoint as he rocked a packed Superdome with ol’skool GAP Band classics like “You Dropped The Bomb on Me” and recents solo career hits like There Goes My Baby. To add to his  high energy and entertaining show, Charlie even wore a glow in the dark suit that allow the excited crowd to see “Uncle” Charlie’s every move.  He also made sure he showed off his new sigature line of hats which can be purchased at

A long-time family friend of my older relatives, Charlie showed me mad love.  I learned how he beat prostate cancer  and has stayed sober from crack cocaine and alcohol for the last 18 years through prayer and love of  God.  So, while his performance and hats were great.  It is Charlie Wilson’s inspiring story of  perserverance, faith,and redemption that makes him so “Outstanding” to me.


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