Home News Chicago Teen Killed by Police Called 911 3 Times Asking for Help, and Dispatcher Hung Up on Him

Source:  Stephen Crockett/ The Root

Quintonio LeGrier, 19, called police three times Dec. 26 to ask for help. During one of the calls, the dispatch operator hung up on the teen, who was later fatally shot by police. 

Quintonio LeGrier, the Chicago teen who was fatally shot by police, called 911 three times the day he was killed, asking for help, and was hung up on by a 911 operator, ABC News reports.

According to ABC News, audio of the 19-year-old’s 911 calls made Dec. 26 were released late Monday by Chicago’s Independent Police Review Authority, which is investigating both LeGrier’s death and the death of his neighbor Bettie Jones. Jones, 55, was also shot and killed by police after she opened their apartment building door to let police in.

Earlier that day, LeGrier called 911 asking that a police officer be sent to his address. The first call was made at 4:18 a.m., and the last call was made three minutes later.

“There’s an emergency, can you send an officer?” LeGrier can be heard saying on one of the calls.

During one call, LeGrier didn’t respond to the 911 operator’s questions and the dispatcher hung up on the teen, ABC reports.

When the dispatcher asked the teen what was wrong, he responded, saying, “Someone is ruining my life.”

ABC reports that LeGrier’s father, Antonio LeGrier, called 911 at 4:24 a.m. and asked for an officer to be sent to the same address.

“My son has freaked out. I need an officer,” Antonio LeGrier said on the call. “He’s got a baseball bat in his hand right now.”SEE AL

Police have called Jones’ shooting an accident and say that LeGrier was charging them when he was shot. According to autopsies by the Cook County medical examiner on both victims, LeGrier was shot six times and Jones, a mother of five, was shot once, ABC reports.

“Upon arrival, officers were confronted by a combative subject resulting in the discharging of the officer’s weapon, fatally wounding two individuals,” police said in a statement released shortly after the shooting.