How A Flat Tire Inflated My Praise

Recently I once again reminded that God is truly in control and his awesome power must be acknowledged! I was speeding down the very busy BA and talking on the phone. I hear a loud sound and my car started driving funny right before my exist.   It is pretty obvious that I have a flat so I pull off to the shoulder, but because I was so close to the exist  cars, trucks, and buses were zipping by me so close that my car was shaking.
I knew  it is too dangerous to stay in that location, so after a few minutes I dart back out into the flow of traffic with my hazards on so I can make the exist.  Now  I can feel that the car is on a total flat, but I know I can’t be stuck on the exist ramp so keep rolling.
Finally I make it off the exist ramp and there is a driveway right next to the ramp. Once I get in safe spot, I get out and see that my tire is completely shredded and flat as a pancake. Meaning at the speed I was going I easily could have lost total control and crashed or worse…but God.
Just another reminder that #HeIsAble!