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Damario is a highly sought after attorney who has counseled over a thousand individuals needing someone to stand strong for them, to speak up for them and to fight on their behalf.

He has successfully represented clients in federal, state, tribal, and administrative courts, including litigating for Black Creek “Freedmen” tribal citizenship rights. He also served as an integral member of the legal team who fought to obtain human rights and reparations for the survivors of the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot which included famed attorneys Johnnie Cochrane and Charles J. Ogletree. Solomon-Simmons’ work on the 1921 case earned him an invitation to testify before the Congressional Black Caucus.

Currently Damario serves as lead counsel for the family of unarmed Terence Crutcher, Sr. and co-counsel for the 7 Rape victims of convicted Oklahoma City Police Officer Daniel Holtzclaw.

He serves as an adjunct professor of the African & African-American Studies program at the University of Oklahoma and is a proud member of Oklahoma’s premier full-service law firm, Riggs Abney.

My Practice Areas

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Police Shootings/Excessive Force

While our country has both federal and state laws in place to protect the civil rights of our citizens, some individuals do not always follow them. Many times over, we have seen their actions cause physical and emotional pain and even death.Everyone regardless of race, gender or socioeconomic stature, deserves that their basic human rights be honored. We work diligently towards protecting our clients' rights and getting restitution for unfair treatment.


Discrimination is the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex. If you feel you have been discriminated against in the work force, you have the right to seek counsel and determine grounds for legal recourse and restitution.

Personal Injury

When a personal injury occurs, victims often suffer from more than physical pain. In addition to experiencing an injury, they also can experience debt, income and career loss and other devastating effects.People who are victims of personal injury may be eligible for compensation. By working with a personal injury lawyer, you could seek financial restitution. Contact us to learn more about how we can help fight for you.

Wrongful Death

Tragically, some deaths are a result of negligent, reckless, or intentional actions. When this type of death occurs, the victim deserves justice. The family of the deceased has the right to file a wrongful death claim against the individual or business that is responsible for the death.In these very difficult times, let us help you file a wrongful death claim and assist you in seeking compensation.