New Reports Shows Oklahoma Pleased With President Obama’s Economic Policies

According to recent publish reports America’s “reddest” state of Oklahoma posts its best economic numbers since February 2009.  According to State Treasure Republican Ken Miller “we see improving health in virtually every economic sector measured by revenue collections. The latest report on unemployment also brings good news. With April’s preliminary rate set at 5.6 percent, the report shows that our private sector continues to add much needed jobs as we try to get back to full employment.” Miller further explains “our revenues fell sharply once the Great Recession took hold…now 15 months into the expansion phase of the business cycle, we are seeing continued signs of steady recovery.”

Just to be clear, the “Great Recession” started in 2008 BEFORE President Obama was elected, and the State of Oklahoma’s great “steady” recovery has been during President Obama’s term and implementation of  his economic policies.  So, with this new published information, it will be interested to see how much, if any, credit Oklahoma elected leaders will give to President Obama.

In closing, I was asked if I thought the new report would cause more people in  Oklahoma to vote for President Obama, and allow  his policies to continue improving the state.  Unfortunately regardless of the encouraging numbers, positive reports, and growing economy.  I predict that President Obama, just  like four years ago,  will not win a single county in Oklahoma.  Lastly, while Republicans blame President Obama for everything bad that happens.  For some reason, I am pretty confident that President Obama will not  get any credit from Republicans for the recent good news.


Damario Solomon-Simmons, M.E.d., J.D., is the managing partner of SolomonSimmonSharrock & Associates law firm and an adjunct professor of African & African-American Studies at the University of Oklahoma.  He is an political independent who believes the American political system needs serious reform, and both Republicans and Democrats need to focus on regularly people and real world solutions more.  He regularly writes and lectures on issues of race, sports, politics, and social justice. His life’s mission is to inform, inspire, and empower and can be contacted at or