Obscenities “highlight” BET Awards

Embarrassing. Unprofessional. Childish.  This is how I best describe last night’s BET awards.  Even though musicians have the right to be as vulgar and profane as they want. Do they really have to be to sell their product at all times? Has the morals and values of America degraded so badly that to become commercially successful one has to  pump out violent, vulgar, and degrading lyrics even with elders, dignitaries, and children present?
I wonder do these musicians who performed and the executives who sanctioned the buffoonery understand how much  precious blood, sweat, tears, and lives were lost so we could  live in this country with dignity and respect.  People marched, gotten beaten, water-hosed, jailed and killed not only to free us physically from the shackles of Jim Crow, but to also  free from the negative and destructive stereotypes( ignorant, hyper-sexual savages) and caricatures (childish, uneducated coons) that gave cover and license for institutional racism and oppression.

In closing, I just want BET and and most of the artists and programming BET pushes to understand how complicit they are in the  mayhem that is stifling the growth of Black communities and children nationwide. Maybe with this understanding there will be some positive changes made like to vulgar or obscene language and moves during “family friendly” air times.