People Over Politics!

Today while waiting to hear the annual Oklahoma “State of the State” speech, I was humbled realizing  that for another year I get to work on behalf of the PEOPLE of Oklahoma  as the lobbyist for Oklahoma Policy Institute and Together Oklahoma.

The start of the session is always a time of high energy and expectations. The start of session is also a time to honestly access the high obstacles, odds, and opposition to get good policies passed into law. Most notably one must have the stamina to  fight through the partisan ideology and the  heart to not just quietly allow the powerful, connected, and wealthy to co-op the political process  at the expenses of the PEOPLE.

With over ten years of experience, I understand that this important work is a mental, emotional, and physical challenge.   However, I am excited, willing, and ready to fight everyday to improve the lives of the PEOPLE, especially the most needy, vulnerable, and powerless! This is what I was born to do, trained to do, and love to do! #PeopleOverPolitics!

Damario Solomon-Simmons, Esq., M.Ed., is the Legislative Liasion for Oklahoma Policy Insitute and Together Oklahoma and Of Counsel attorney with RiggsAbney Law Firm. He can be contacted at 918-587-3161 or