Poor, Sick, and Old Will Suffer Most From GOP Caused Budget Woes

“This will be a year that requires sacrifice from those who utilize the services that state government was initially intended to provide” Rep. Jeff Hickman, Speaker of Oklahoma House of Representatives

So, now that the conservative dominated Oklahoma leadership have passed unnecessary, unaffordable, and devastating tax breaks and other policies that has created a $300 million budget shortage. They now have the audacity to tell those who do not benefit (kids, poor, sick, etc.) from the tax cuts that they must “sacrifice services that government was initially intended to provide” because they will be cut!

I personally know how important core services are because growing up in a low-income, single mom household, I was a poor, sick, kid and if not for access to government services I would not be where I am today. In fact, if not for government services I might not be alive today. See, it was government healthcare that paid for my several hospitalizations due to my asthma, speech therapy counseling, braces for my crooked teeth, and a successful sinus surgery when I couldn’t breathe or taste food!

This is why I am excited that one of the top priorities of this upcoming legislative session for my colleagues and I at Oklahoma Policy Institute and Together Oklahoma will be aggressively fighting to end these unsustainable tax cuts that hurt people that need the most help! ‪#‎FiredUpReadyToGo‬!