President Obama Prudent to Ignore Black Community Needs

Today a major media  talking point has been whether President Obama is ignoring the Black community and could it hurt him in the fall.  Off top you should understand that I have been and still am a vocal supporter President Obama and will continue to strongly advocate for his reelection, donate money, and volunteer time towards his campaign.  However, there is no question that the Obama administration has keep a low profile on many of the specfic  issues and concerns important  to the Black Community e.g. the Prision Industrial Complex, Black unemployment, and racial equality.

Yet, the reality that ignoring or not publicly pushing Black specific issues and legislation was the right political move. See, Democratic politician over the last 40 years  receives 90%+ of the Black vote regardless of their actual record on Black issues.  So, with politics being a quid pro qup business of what can you do for me. If said Politician (i.e. President Obama) can save on precious time, energy, and political capital and still count of the Black vote. So, it only makes since that is exactly what is happening.

In closing, again, I am not happy that the “Black Agenda” has been on the backburner in the Obama Administration. I do understand why and hope that after he is re-elected the Black community can organize around a set of priorities and force the Obama Whitehouse to respond to our needs.