Senate Democrats Pushing “Not My Boss’ Business Act” To Reverse Hobby Lobby Birth Control Ruling

WASHINGTON — With senators nearly as divided as U.S. Supreme Court justices, the Senate headed for a test vote on Wednesday on a bill that would effectively reverse the high court’s recent decision to allow some for-profit companies to deny health insurance coverage for contraceptives.

The closely held corporations said they ran their companies based on their Christian beliefs and that a 1993 federal law protected them from the government mandate.

Congressional Democrats quickly authored legislation that would exempt the birth control mandate from the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Democrats will need some Republican help in advancing the bill in the Senate on Wednesday — more than they are likely to get — and House Republicans aren’t likely even to allow a vote on the bill.

It is not expected that Democrats will get enough Republican support to advance legislation reversing Supreme Court decision that allows some for-profit companies to deny coverage of contraceptives.

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