State Autopsy Finds Man Shot In Back 4 Times While Running From Police

Source:  Jonathan Scott/NewsOk

An Oklahoma medical examiner’s autopsy released Tuesday says Mark Salazar, 22, was shot six times in the back, leg and arm while running away from Oklahoma City police officers.

Tuesday’s report appears to provide a different account of the shooting than that presented by Oklahoma City police after the event.

Shortly after the incident, Oklahoma City police said Sgt. Ryan Stark, the dog’s handler, shot Salazar after unsuccessfully trying to separate Salazar from the dog.

Kye died the next day after complications during surgery.

According to the medical examiner’s report, Salazar was running away from Stark when he was shot a total of six times — four times in the back, once in his left arm and once in his left thigh.

“Decedent ignored the police warnings to stop and surrender,” the report states. “Decedent got up and ran away from the officer, when shots were fired. Decedent dropped to the ground, lying prone.”

Medical examiner spokesman Eddie Johnson said the narrative in the autopsy is based on the medical examiner’s investigative report. The report was put together by an investigator who was at the scene shortly after the shooting, Johnson said.

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