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Strong Black Men Are Created by Strong Black Men

Attorney Damario Solomon-Simmons discusses his Foundation’s focus on Black males and his solution-oriented Program featuring national experts Etan Thomas, Boyce Watkins, and David Miller that provides tangible answers and resources related to fatherhood and manhood issues, including opportunities for experienced fathers to volunteer to mentor young fathers.

Boys: They Will Be, What They See!

Just like me many of our students do not live in traditional two-parent homes. In fact, many have home lives that are not conducive to academic success. Therefore, not only do our students need to hear what can accomplished by strong academic preparation. Our students need to see what people who look like them, come from where they come from, …

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Does The Extreme Love of Sports Actually Hurt More Than Help Black Community?

Source: Dr. Henry Louis Gates/The Root.Com Why are there so many black people playing professional sports in the United States? The short answer: There aren’t! When I was growing up in the 1950s, we were taught that we had a much better chance of becoming a doctor or a lawyer, a dentist or a teacher or a preacher than a …

Black Male Teachers Needed: New University of Penn Program Aims To Attract Them

Source:  Eric Boodman /Pittsburgh Post-Gazette A doctoral candidate at Indiana University of Pennsylvania recently stood in front of high school students from the Homewood Children’s Village and asked how many planned to go to college. All hands shot up, but when he asked how many planned to go into education, the hands dropped down. National statistics echo this scene, which …