25 Year Study Finds Middle Income White Men Use Drugs More Than Low Income Black Men But Convicted Far Less

Source: Teresa Wiltz/The Root rom birth, practically, we’re told—again and again—that education is the golden ticket to the American dream. This is a meritocracy! Study diligently, put the work in and you, too, can get ahead, leapfrogging over your parents on the social strata. All you have to do is grab those bootstraps and pull. Hard. Or not. For 25 …

Pardon Me: Blacks Need Not Apply

Of course criminal activity should be never condoned, excused, or supported. However, regardless of the circumstances  JUSTICE should ALWAYS should be administer fairly, equitably, and transparently.  However, the fact of the matter is the objective facts continue to prove that in all areas of society there continues to be a double standard applied to African-Americans.  […]