NCAA’s $2000 Offer is 2 Little, 2 Late

During  the last twelve months, the NCAA has arguably received the closest scrutiny ever regarding student-athlete recruiting and extra-benefit scandals costing  prominent, successful football and basketball coaches at powerful universities their jobs (Jim Tressel Ohio State & Bruce Pearl Univ. of Tenn), seemingly endless (proposed or actual) conference  re-alignments and discussions that appear to disregard […]

The Scarlet Sweater Vest

Just weeks before the 2010 Sugar Bowl, it was announced that 5 Ohio State football players college eligibility was in jeopardy because of selling their property (that they lawfully earned), in violation of NCAA rules.   Eventually the student-athletes were allowed to play in the Sugar Bowl, but were suspended 5 out 12 scheduled 2011 games […]

“Destruction of Black WallStreet: Remembrance, Respect, & Reparations”

  ***  I am presenting my award-winning PowerPoint “Destruction of Black Wall Street: Remembrance, Respect, & Reparations” tonight at 6pm Oklahoma City University*** In addition to 300 years of chattel slavery, African-American have endured, almost equally oppressive systems of black codes, sharecropping, peonage farming, Jim Crowism, lynching, poll taxes, grandfather clauses, police brutality, Red Lining and other […]