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Is Ray Rice’s Punishment Too Harsh?

Ray Rice’s wife, Janay Rice, was physically assaulted in an elevator. In the shocking video, Rice punches Janay in the face and knocks her out cold. The case has since become a political football, with some calling for Rice to never play football again. In this video, one of the most prominent Black public intellectuals and activist  Dr. Boyce Watkins …

No Place for Thug Behavior in College Sports

Last night  Xavier’s Kenny Frease (#32), was sucker punched by Cincinnati’s   Yancy Gates (#34) and then stomped in the head while he was on the ground by #13 Cheikh Mbodj.  Both Gates and Mbodj have been suspended for six (6) games, and both of their actions are regrettable.  However, I believe that Mbodj’s actions were much more egregious than […]