Are Black Men Still First Fired & Last Hired in America?

The November 2011 numbers are in and while the overall national unemployment rate dropped from 9% to 8.6%. Of Course, this is GREAT news for the nation.  However, for Black men the news is not good at all as Black men’s unemployment rate rose from 16.2% to a disturbing 16.5%.   Overall,  the unemployment rate for Blacks […]

50 Cent’s Guidlines for Inner-City Black Male Youth Empowerment

On Monday I watched 50 Cent on Piers Morgan discuss a range of topics.  I was so impressed with his intellect and honesty, especially in discussing his upbringing and how it had convinced him that the only real occupations available was thug, criminal, entertainer, or athlete or some combination of all of them. He states […]

“Destruction of Black WallStreet: Remembrance, Respect, & Reparations”

  ***  I am presenting my award-winning PowerPoint “Destruction of Black Wall Street: Remembrance, Respect, & Reparations” tonight at 6pm Oklahoma City University*** In addition to 300 years of chattel slavery, African-American have endured, almost equally oppressive systems of black codes, sharecropping, peonage farming, Jim Crowism, lynching, poll taxes, grandfather clauses, police brutality, Red Lining and other […]