The Best Way to Be Like Kevin Durant: Come from Two Parent Household

While it seems like all NBA players  like  mega-superstar Kevin Duran  come from a poor, single-mom household. This is a  myth. In fact, contrary to popular belief impoverished, single-mom household are actually underrepresented in the NBA. Don’t believe me, in a study of NBA players conducted from 1994 to 2004 by Joshua Kjerulf Dubrow of the Polish Academy of Sciences and Jimi Adams of Arizona State University and published in the International Review for the Sociology of Sport, African-American children from low-income families were 37 percent less likely to make the NBA than a child from a middle- or upper-income family. Black athlete from a family without two parents was 18 percent less likely to play in the NBA than a Black athlete raised by two parents. In poor or single-parent households, young men have less stability, less attention and fewer positive role models to emulate.

To read more about this study please visit International Review for the Sociology of Sport#FathersMatter