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The Game Plan: X’s & O’s For A Financially Successful Pro

I have overseen the negotiation of millions of dollars of player and endorsement contracts, organized and managed athletes’ businesses and legal structures, and represented players regarding various legal, charitable, and business issues. Through these experiences, I have seen first hand how true and terrible Rule82™ is. Rule82™ stands for the fact that 80% of professional athletes, within 2 years of their retirement, are broke, busted, and disgusted.

Therefore, I developed The Game Plan™ training program and products. This presentation and training program will give you the proper understanding, tools, and strategies to help ensure that your client, son, student-athlete, brother, husband, or friend does NOT become a victim of Rule82™. The Game Plan™ is specifically designed to empower professional athletes to understand how to accumulate and preserve wealth, enjoy organized business and personal structures, and experience on-going business opportunities that ensure a legacy on- and off-the-field. For example, The Game Plan™ educates professional athletes about:
• How to determine needs vs. wants;
• How to define proper roles for family, friends, and service providers;
• How to draft and evaluate your short- and long-term business/career goals;
• How to understand the importance of a proper business structure;
• How to understand the importance of due diligence research on all business opportunities and relationships;
• How to organize and manage business structures and professional relationships;
• How to develop business meeting schedules and reporting and accountability systems.