Two Tulsa Police Officers Arrested in Teen’s Shooting Death

Source: Fox23

Tulsa police are investigating a deadly shooting in NorthWest Tulsa.

Police said TPD officer Shannon Kepler shot and killed 19-year-old Jeremy Lake near Brady and Maybelle just after 9:30p.m. Tuesday. Officer Kepler’s wife Gina, who is also a Tulsa police officer, is also in custody, accused of being an accessory after the fact.

Officers said the victim died within the hour.  Officer Kepler has been taken into custody.

According to jail records, Lake was walking with the Keplers’ daughter when they were confronted by a man driving a black 2007 Suburban. The daughter told police she recognized the SUV as her father’s so she walked over and spoke to him. She told police her father asked what she was doing in that area and she walked away. That’s when Lake approached the Suburban and told Kepler he was the daughter’s boyfriend, she told police.

The daughter said her father shot Lake two or three times, then shot at her two or three times, but missed. Kepler then drove off, according to the daughter.