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VIDEO: Surviving Police Encounters As A Blackman

A couple of months before Michael Brown was gunned down by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson  while driving back to Oklahoma from Kansas City, Missouri with my wife.  I was racially profiled, illegally detained, and humiliated with demeaning questions by a white Missouri State Trooper. See, even as as a law abiding, tax paying lawyer, as a Black man nothing is more terrifying than having unwarranted police conduct. In fact, I am still having nightmares and anxiety about the unjustified detainment and interrogation. In fact,  I’m terrified, scared to death, anytime I see a police car in my rear view meeting. Luckily for me, during my unjust stop I utilized the tips  contained in this video to survive the police conduct without going to jail, being beaten, or dying.  So, I made this video hoping that it may save the life of someone watching right after Michael Brown was killed. Unfortunately this video and tips continues to be needed and relevant way to often as Blackmen are gunned down by police all over this country.