Violent HIP-HOP Lyrics On Trial in Chicago: Is It Time for HIP-HOP Itself to be Put on Trial?

Later this week a former Southern Illinois student is going to trial for a 2007 charge of conspiracy to commit a terrorist act.  In 2007, Olutoin O. Oduwole was arrested and charged after note was found in his car that stated he would go on a “murderous rampage” on the campus if he didn’t get a $50,000.00 within seven days.  Mr. Oduwole main defense is that he is an aspiring HIP-HOP artist, and the words were part of a song he was writing.  To back-up his claim Oduwole will have a distinguish University of California professor who studies the impact that HIP-Hop has on society will testify that such violent and negative lyrics are not only a part of today’s hip-hop culture, but is the standard.  Of course, you don’t have to be a “rocket-scientist” or even a college professor to know that extreme violence is a major part of the modern hip-hop culture and music.  However, what I find most interesting is whether the negativity of HIP-HOP and those who distribute to our youth ever be truly held accountable and put on “trial” to be eradicated from our children’s culture.