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Watch: Black Males Can Do More Than Play Sports

While all the statistics say otherwise, the overwhelming majority of young Black males still believe that the best and, in many cases, the sole option for social advancement in United States society is not by acquiring an education and vocational skills, but by playing professional sports.

In this seminar, we explore the root causes of this untrue and destructive belief, how it is continually promoted by society, universities, and even the families of the Black athletes themselves, and, most importantly, what anyone interested in this subject matter — be he/ she a coach, parent, educator, or athlete — can do to stop the destructive trend of thousands of young Black males either:

1) to not fully take advantage of the life opportunities that come with being a skilled athlete (networking, job opportunities, educational benefits) at a major university; or

2)  to simply not aspire or prepare to do ANYTHING outside of their sport, despite the minute odds of making it to the professional level,.  Therefore, when they do NOT make it to the pros or even IF they do make it to the pros, they are completely and utterly unprepared for life after sports.

I have a solution for this significant problem, and, in this seminar, I will share it with you!

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