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WATCH Former College All-American Football Player, Rhodes Scholar Myron Rolle Expose the NCAA’s Oppressive Amateurism Stance

Watch my fellow Rainbow Push Coalition Sports Commissioner Myron Rolle,  a former college All-American football player and Rhodes Scholar deliver his powerful opening statement before the Senate Commerce Committee hearing on College Athletes and Academics.

The hearing called by Senate Commerce Committee chairman Jay Rockefeller (D-W. Va.) was reported to have been full of  “vigor,  skepticism, and the promise of this just being the start of a campaign of NCAA oversight.” Is just one more major attack on the unjust and un-American NCAA collegiate sports model that utilizes the uncompensated labor of mostly poor, Black inner-city males to generate BILLIONS in profit all in the name of amateurism.

The hearing placed NCAA President Mark Emmert on the hot seat as Emmert even stated  on record that the hearing was “a useful cattle prod. It makes sure we know that the world is watching, that the Senate is watching. I believe we will wind up in the right place in a couple of months following NCAA governance changes.”

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