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WATCH: Is Racially Charged Renisha McBride Murder Trial Another Trayvon Martin Case

In this interview with Dr. Boyce Watkins of Your Black World, Attorney Damario Solomon-Simmons provides legal analysis of the tragic shooting death of  a 19 year old African-American female named Renisha McBride by a 51-year-old White Man Theodore Wafer.   The undisputed facts are really quite simple as an injured and intoxicated McBride pounding on Wafer’s door at 4:30am after surviving a car accident a couple of hours earlier.

Wafer  says he feared for his life and suspected multiple burglars at his home.  That is is when Wafer unlocked, opened his door, and shot McBride in the face, killing her on the spot. The case has received national attention with some calling it another Stand Your Ground, racially inspired case much like Trayvon Martin case.