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WATCH: Criminal and Civil Liability for Eric Garner’s Shocking Choking Killing By NYC Police

In this interview with Dr. Boyce Watkins of Your Black World, Attorney Damario Solomon-Simmons provides legal analysis of the shocking death of Eric Garner who was chocked to death in broad daylight by New York City Police officer.  Damario explained the following:

“A non-violent person should not be choked to death for the suspicion of selling cigarettes. Sure Mr. Garner was refusing to be handcuffed, but there are other non-lethal alternatives to the outlawed choking such as using a taser, sperry spray, etc.

This is why I believe and hope New York officials swiftly complete their investigation. I predict that the “chocking” officer will be charged with “Manslaughter in the First Degree” which is a NYC Class B felony and punishable by 5-25 years in prison. Also, the other officers should be charged with accessories for not stopping the illegal chokehold that caused Mr. Garner’s death.

Chocking by police has been outlawed in NYC since 1994 in response to another chocking death that occurred in 1994. Obviously Mr. Garner’s civil rights were violated and his family will have a wrongful death lawsuit. So, there will be ample opportunities for the legal system to provide some relief, compensation, and justice to Mr. Garner’s family.

Yet, neither long prison sentences for his killer or large monetary payments to the family will bring Mr. Garner back to his wife and 6 kids. That sad reality is by far the most devastating part of Mr. Garner’s tragic, unnecessary, and unwarranted death!”