Why We Need Black Attorneys

 According to the American Bar Association, the legal profession has the least representation of racial diversity. It is time for a change in the diversity of American law practitioners. The number of minority law students and attorneys are trending down, and this is problematic for two basic reasons:

 1.  With the rapid diversification of our nation, it is of the utmost importance that there is adequate diversity and representation within all fields.

2. Because it is lawyers and the law that serve on the frontlines of justice and equality in this nation, without enough diverse legal practitioners, our already fragile society steps closer to losing the prized claim of equality and opportunity for all citizens.

I believe there must be an acknowledgement and celebration of diversity successes within an organization and true change and improvements will only come through sustained and consistent efforts by leaders within the law. Also, innovative partnerships and collaboration between law firms, law schools and corporate law departments are essential to solve the lack of diversity problem.