Wow, Having A Father Really Feels Good!

I thank God for placing “fathers” like my maternal grandfather, William “Daddy” Brown (RIP); my father-in-law A. Winston; cousins, @Stan Ransom and @Clyde Polk; fraternity brother/mentor, Bobby Woodard; Professor, Khepra NuRa Khem (RIP); and my BTW teachers, Carl Williams and Dr. Anthony Marshall just to name a few, in my life.
My “fathers” presence helped fill the void and pain that I, like so many others, endure when there is not a relationship with your biological father. My “fathers” have provided me with advice, love, encouragement, discipline, money, and, most importantly, clear examples of how a real man conducts himself. I could not be where I am without those strong “fathers”!
However, today for the first time in my memory, I have a good relationship with my biological father! So, for the first time that I can remember, I can proudly and happily say Happy Father’s Day to MY FATHER, Ahmad Shadeed, and it feels GREAT!!
You know, for years I tried to convince myself that it didn’t matter that my Father and I didn’t have a relationship…didn’t even speak.
But, I was just lying to myself, which was evident when my Pops and I embraced for over 5 minutes and shared tears of sadness and joy in the midst of a crowd of friends, family, and strangers at his brother’s funeral. While sadly it took the untimely death of my Uncle Kenneth Solomon to bring me and my father together. I thank God for using the realization of the fragility of life to mend our broken hearts and relationship.
I have known for some time that having a “father’s” guidance may be the single most important factor in whether a male successfully transitions from boyhood to manhood. But I must tell you that I am amazed that, even as a grown man, having the love and assurance my father feels so good and empowering!
You know it is so amazing that, even as a grown man, having the love and assurance of your daddy feels so good and empowering! So, I encourage and pray that if you reading this and don’t have the relationship with your father that you want to do everything in your power to leave the past in the past and focus on loving each other now while you both are able.
To God be the Glory. ‪#‎HappyFathersDay‬