Young Mother’s Murder Appeal Rejected by Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals

Source: Tulsa World

OKLAHOMA CITY — The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals has rejected the appeal of a woman who was convicted of killing her husband by pushing him through a 25th-floor window in a Tulsa high-rise apartment.

The court on Wednesday rejected her appeals — including lack of evidence, improper evidence, prosecutorial misconduct and ineffective counsel.

Hilberling testified during her trial that she and her husband were arguing and that she feared for her safety as the dispute escalated.

Hilberling, who was seven months’ pregnant at the time, said he grabbed her shoulders and that she then “reached up and pushed against his chest.”

“I remember him falling backwards,” Hilberling said.

She insisted that she did not mean to push him out the window but said he lost his balance when she pushed him and fell through the plate glass, which her defense maintained was not strong enough to be used in a high-rise building.